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 My name is Jessica Carson and as a mother of two I     know exactly how challenging bedtime can be, and how   exhausted you feel as a parent when your child fights   g oing to sleep.

 That’s why I created The Bedtime Box. It’s the all-in-one   solution to getting your child to bed without stress or   tears. The concept actually popped into my head while driving to work one morning after being in class the evening before for night school. I had gotten home late from school and asked my husband how bedtime went. He sighed and said it was rough and that our daughter had insisted on like 20 books before falling asleep. On my drive the next morning I thought, we need a routine for bedtime! And that is how the bedtime box started.

It was truly a grass roots effort from the ground up. I created the first prototype the next day for a class assignment and my team launched the idea on Facebook the following Monday. We sold 30 boxes in 2 hours and that showed us that there was a need, there was a market and that we had found the solution.

When a bedtime is traumatic, a child has a harder time falling asleep and often wakes several times throughout the night, which leads to a sleepy kid the next day. Once we started doing our research, we discovered studies to support the fact that many families struggle with bedtime. In fact, 69% of parents polled by the National Sleep Foundation reported their child (ages 0-10) had a sleep problem at least a few nights a week.

We also built a relationship with a local child psychologist that shared her research with us on the importance of sufficient sleep in young children for proper mental and physical development. We also found studies that supported a bedtime ritual and showed how much routines can support a healthy bedtime process.” With a routine, the child will fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer and wake more rested.

I tried this on my own children and worked with several other parents that tested it out as well. I followed up with all of them and received extremely positive feedback on the results. I personally saw a significant change in how bedtimes went in less than a week of using the box. We made a few suggested tweaks to the product and that’s how we got to this final product.

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